Lately, there has been an insurgence of some new trends in the web design field. With each new year, comes changes to web design as it is an ever-evolving field. There are some really interesting ideas that have been popping up. For the sake of time, we’ll just look at some of the current most popular and groundbreaking changes in the web design field.

To start, it seems as though website designers are focusing their designs more about user experience. This seems like common sense but is coming up in new ways today. Research shows that the average amount of time that a user will look at a page is less than 20 seconds. This isn’t very good, right? So what can you do to improve this figure? It seems like the answer is to make the web page the user is looking at more user-friendly and designed almost as if it was for them specifically. Although this sounds like a strange concept on paper, if you were to see it in action you would understand.

Another big change in the design field is the majority of designers have started to adopt a much more simplistic, almost minimalistic look to many of their pages. This is a departure from the messy, complicated page style that seems to have been used for the past few years. Although that style can work if executed correctly, with so much going on, few people really did. With this new, simpler style of design, it is easy to have a great looking web page without having to put too much work into it.

Lastly, one aspect that is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of any web page is its speed and responsiveness. Studies show that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, there is a 90% chance that the viewer will exit out of it (email and Facebook withholding). That’s a huge amount of people gone if your site is slow. This being said speed is becoming the single most important aspect of a site. Your website may be designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but if it takes 15 seconds to load, odds are no one’s going to see it. So if you’re designing a site, make sure it is fast first, then work on making it pretty.

This year looks like it’s going to be full of interesting and awesome changes to the website design field. We’re only in the first few months of 2016 right now, and trends have already begun to change. It seems like, for this year, the most important part of a user’s experience is a website’s speed. The responsiveness of your website determines up to 90% of the traffic it will receive. This could either make or break the success of a site. All of us here at Smart Website Creations are looking forward to seeing what this year holds, and will make sure to stay up to date on all the latest trends and styles.