Landing page

Landing page

We will design creative landing pages to showcase your products or expert services.

An aspect that is overlooked by many website design companies is the value of a good landing page. Some people may not even know what a landing page is, which is understandable as it is one of the more technical terms in the website design field. In essence, a landing page is a page of your website where customers will eventually get to. Not a home page though. A landing page is more distinct page relating to specific parts of your website. Along with this, landing pages should be made to direct the people visiting your website in a specific way, so as to better direct traffic to a specific item.

At Smart Website Creations, we specialize in creating to different kinds of landing pages. The first of these we refer to as a “click page.” This kind of landing page has the goal to make users click links on the page as to where they eventually get to a page that you want them to. This kind of page works best when trying to sell a product online, as it gets the customer used to the company you are and the products you’re selling. “Click pages” are great at getting traffic on your website exactly where you want it to go. The website design experts at Smart Website Creations are experts in designing these pages and can make them so they give your website the edge it needs to stay competitive in today’s world.

The next kind of landing page that we are able to help you with is called a “Lead Generating page.” As you can probably take from the name, a lead generating page is helpful in the process of generating leads. Leads are just a customer’s contact information. This is usually their email, but could be their phone number or another form of contact as well. This kind of landing page is mostly used in order to establish a data base of customers that you can contact in order to hopefully do business with. Usually this type of landing page will offer an option for the customer to submit their information in exchange for some kind of prize or reward. This could be anything from a gift card to a free subscription, nearly anything works as long as it is appealing to the customers.

Landing pages can be one of the easiest things for a company to overlook while designing your website. This is a shame because if a landing page is done correctly, it can do wonders for the amount of traffic that your website receives. At Smart Website Creations, we make a point to build the best landing pages we possibly can to maximize the traffic that your site gets. With so much experience serving the Suwanee area, there is nearly no kind of website that we can’t help improve. As the best website designers in Suwanee, we hope that for whatever your website needs happen to be, you will make sure to come to us first.

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