Choosing the right domain name can be a bit of a challenge if you are new to the process.  You want a name that is easy, effective, and good for SEO. There may be some research involved, so grab a pen and open an extra tab on your browser! Domains are a major part of branding, so choose wisely.

Before choosing the right domain name for you, make sure to do a few things:

1. Shoot for the full name of your company, group, or organization.  Sometimes these aren’t always available. If they are not, and you are not able to purchase it from the current owner, then get as close as you can.  This will make the domain easy to remember for your visitors and easy to recognize when seen at a glance.

2. Make sure you are the sole owner after choosing the right domain name for you.

3. Auto-renew as not make sure you do not lose your domain name.

4. Before choosing the right domain name, Look back at the domain’s history to see who owned it previously to avoid a bad reputation at the start.

5. Add a location to your domain to give it a local feel, especially if you are a local service. This will also be helpful if you are targeting a local SEO campaign.

6. Buy domains that similar to yours.  This includes .net, .org, .co, etc.  Also, if your domain is, buy  This can be beneficial for SEO in the future as well as ensuring to avoid copycats.

7. Avoid dashes, underscore, numbers, and abbreviations. This is not good for SEO, may confuse some visitors, and is much harder to remember.

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Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!